Vote for a tailor-made project


A first meeting is made to get to know the place, the project owner and his complaints. A discussion on the project then begins: ideas, wishes, budget, constraints linked to the building, ... This is followed by a contract proposal setting out the project owner's wishes as specified during the first meeting, as well as the details of how the mission will be carried out.

Once the contract has been accepted and signed by the project owner, the mission can begin.

1 - APS

The preliminary draft, consisting of sketched plans and outlooks, as well as a budget approach.

2 - APD

After presentation of this preliminary project and possible reworking according to the project owner's wishes, establishment of the project with the corresponding graphic pieces (plans, elevations, details, colour perspectives, etc.) the written pieces and any element necessary for the understanding of the project.


This is followed by the drawing up of the consultation file with the awarding of contracts and the establishment of a work schedule.


Start and progress of the construction site with one mandatory site meeting per week and a corresponding site report. During this phase, the Interior Architect also manages the financial part of the project, with an accounting table and the control of the situations issued by the companies. The mission ends with the acceptance of the building site and the possible lifting of reservations.